Custom High Frequency Wood Bending Machine! So PERFECT WORK!

2024-02-21 16:21

Many customers want to purchase wood bending machines. But they don't know the difference between one direction press and three direction press. As the words, one direction press just one pressure, from the upside down. The three direction press is on the base of one direction press and adds two more pressures, from the left and right.

 high frequency wood bending machine

One Direction Press

radio frequency wood bending press

Three Direction Press

You can see it so clearly in this video. It uses the material: birch wood & beech veneer in the JYC high frequency three direction wood bending machine. The two materials are stacked and staggered. The total thickness is 34mm. Heat for 5 minutes. It can bend the wood perfectly.


If you want to know more about this machine, welcome to inquiry!

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