High Frequency Curved Wood Press Three Way Pressure

Three-direction high frequency plywood bending press can apply three-way pressure to bend the material. It is suitable for making special curved shaped and large arc components. Such as art side tables, circle shape components and etc.

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High Frequency Curved Wood Press Three Way Pressure


High Frequency Curved Plywood Press(Three Direction) can highly efficiently produce a variety of plywood (MDF) components in office furniture, school furniture, home furniture, and musical instruments, such as curved plywood chair seats and backs, sofa armrests, tea table, bed slats, curved wall corner panel, cabinet door, guitar, violin, etc.

Bending wood press


1. High-frequency heating at the same time inside and outside, the glue is quickly curing.

2. High finalized degree and does not rebound.

3. Low cost of wooden molds, low heat loss, easy to replace.

4. Double output, increase efficiency.

5. One drives two, one for work and one for material preparation, higher efficiency.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection.

7. With the protection grid, safety works.

8. With approval by CE certification, Electromagnetic radiation monitoring report of national authority, high frequency no hurt to the human body.

Technical Specification

Power Supply
AC 380V,50Hz
HF Power20/30KW30/40KW30/50KW
HF Frequency
Working Table Size

Vertical Pressure



Lateral Pressure20T50T60T
Output modeSingle/double output

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