Indonesia High frequency wood vacuum dryer

The scope of the series of HF vacuum wood drying machine

It can be used for dehydration of plank, soft/hard board, floor surface board, hardboard, veneer, and secondary drying of furniture board;


The functions and advantages of the series of HF vacuum wood drying machine

  • Quick dehydration, eliminate the tension inside of wood, widely used

  • HF heating, internal and external heating at the same time, the moisture content of the wood was heated evenly, dehydration faster, and the moisture content of wood is uniform, such wood raw materials are used for processing into products, which will be stronger and more stable.

  • Combining the vacuum and positive pressure system, the wood dehydration operation at low temperature can more effectively ensure that the wood is not easy to crack, discolor and deform after it is produced.

  • Fully automatic control in the wood drying process, truly unattended.

  • A variety of drying technology parameters be optional, including multiple sensor detection devices, to ensure the finished drying effect.

  • Intuitive operation interface, operators can see real-time drying operation-related data during processing, including temperature and vacuum values and exponential curve, timeline, etc.

  • support remote assistance, realize remote maintenance, and system upgrade(optional).

Equipment Details

  • Standardized electronic control:The quality control is more accurate and stable.

  • Temperature measurement fiber:Dual temperature measuring fiber, temperature More precise control;

  • Load cell:Weighing sensor outside the tank,Weighing is more accurate.

  • Solenoid actuator valve:Make the drying process truly unattended, saving effort and worry.

  • Built-in stainless steel pressure frame:Combined with the vacuum negative pressure system, it can effectively ensure that the plate is not deformed during the drying process.

  • Vacuum cooling system:The temperature of the dewatered wood can be cooled quickly and safely.

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