Vietnam arc plate hot pressing equipment

The scope of application of the machine

  • Suitable for the wood bending of wooden materials such as the single plate, wooden veneer, and density plate.

  • Widely used to product office desks and chairs, sofa armrests, keel beds, furniture board, cabinets, musical instruments, and other wooden curved parts.

The functions and advantages of the machine

  • Heating evenly, high banding finalize effect, safe and environmental.

  • Low heat loss and low purchase cost of wooden molds, and it is easy to replace.

  • A high-frequency generator is equipped with two bending wood presses, one for work and the other for material preparation, with higher production efficiency.

  • Wood uniform heating pressure to eliminate the tension of wood, bentwood shaped stability is high, not easy to redeformation.

Equipment Details

  • Famous brand high and low pressure double pump:Durable, more stable pressure;

  • Independent oil pressure switch:Independent oil pressure control to adapt to different process requirements;

  • European standard safety protection net:Production safety is more guaranteed.

  • Famous brand electrical components:Brand electrical components are more durable;

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