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High frequency (radio frequency) is a new method for wood drying. It saves time and energy. High frequency wave can penetrate the wood deeply. It is more than 10 times faster than steam drying and more uniform. In vacuum condition and lower temperature, vacuum can suck wood moisture out and double increase the heating efficiency. After drying, there are no crack, bending and color changing problem. High frequency vacuum wood dryer can dry all kinds of wood, especially for large square beam, hard wood, veneer and rosewood.
20cbm 80kw HF vacuum dryer for timber drying can not only heat wet wood but also wood secondary drying. For secondary drying, it will take 10 to 20 hours according to different wood species, hardness, thickness and moisture content. They are of low power costs, fast wood turnover rate, convenient operation & floor space saving. It is the best choice for wood drying in different scale of furniture manufacturers.


(1)Fast drying Speed.More than 10 times faster than conventional steam dryer.

(2)Good quality.No crack, no bending, high turnover rate.
(3)Stress Removing.It can remove stress of wood and make it easy for further procedures and stable quality.
(4)Bacteria & worm killing.When drying, high frequency wave can also kill bacteria & worm.
(5)Environmental friendly.Does not need boil, no pollution.
(6)Flexible.With small capacity, more flexible and convenient.

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