High Frequency Cabinet Door Wood Frame Assembly Machine

High frequency precision frame assembly machines have multi-point press devices to cure the glue for easily assembling the wood frame products through high frequency heating.

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High Frequency Cabinet Door Wood Frame Assembly Machine


HF frame assembly machine can be highly accurate in the assembly of 4/6/8 points frame products, suitable for fast assembly of these frame products such as cabinets, cabinet doors, closets, photo frames, wooden doors, drawers, furniture doors, and windows. Also, it can be assembled for products with or without wooden dowels, and no need the nails.

Cabinet door assembly machine


1. High efficiency: high frequency heating, only heating for glue joints; only 5 seconds to finish assembly.

2. A variety of models, 1 point, 4 points, 6 points, 8 points, multi-point heating mode, widely applicable. multi-points heating at the same time.

3. Automation: PLC automatic control system, touch screen operation interface, simple and convenient.

4. High quality: Frames can be assembled with or without wooden dowels, no need to paint-fill the nails.

5. High energy saving: Independent research and development of high frequency generator, high frequency loss can be reduced by 15-20% compared with peers. Accurate and fast, each workpiece only needs 5-20 seconds to complete; only 0.0025-0.0200 KWh of electricity.

6. It adopts Siemens servo motor and ball screw linear guide for precise transmission, which is lower the diagonal tolerance of the frames and labor costs., and the diagonal tolerance is ≤0.2mm.

7. Annealing finish, fine polishing, and electroplating for the working table make the equipment more stable and accurate.

8. Single machine and automatic loading and unloading can be connected.

High Frequency Wood frame assembly machine

Technical Specification

Power Supply
AC 380V,50Hz
HF Power5KW
HF Frequency
Max Working Size1800mm*800mm2800mm*800mm2800mm*1000mm2800mm*1300mm

Min Working Size

Overall Size2900mm*1450mm*1600mm3900mm*1450mm*1950mm3900mm*1650mm*1950mm3900mm*2000mm*1950mm

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