Full Automatic HF Wood Board Gluing Joining Production Line

HF full automatic board joining production line also can be seen as a complete machine, which includes automatic feeding, gluing, board ranking, board joining, and palletizing these sections. This type of automatic wood board jointing machine is only created through research and development by JYC. Also, the machine has obtained CE certification and has five patent certificates.

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  • 40 Days
  • 200 Set per year
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Full Automatic HF Wood Board Gluing Joining Production Line


Through the high frequency full automatic board joining production line(side gluing), wood boards can be produced in batches quickly, and at the same time, automatic production saves a lot of labor costs. High-frequency joining can ensure high production efficiency of wood boards, flat boards, and high yield.

Automatic gluing wood board joining production line


1. Automatic gluing system, save more than 20%-30% of glue.

2. Automatic mix glue and glue supply system, no more effort.

3. Nanotech anti-glue conveyor plate, no need for the worker to clean the sticking.

4. Automatic discharging, no more human effort.

5. Boards in unequal width and equal width are both acceptable to high frequency joining.

6. Automatic digital operating systems, greatly increase production.

7. Only one person to feed and operate, low labor intensity.

8. It can be docked with equipment such as four-sided planers and can customize the automatic feeding device.

High frequency board jointing production line

Technical Specification

Power supplyAC 380V, 50Hz
HF Power30KW
HF Frequency
Processing Size2500*13000mm

Processing thickness


Vertical Pressure20T
Lateral Pressure36T
Gluing WayAutomatic side gluing
Board Feeding WayAutomatic
Discharging WayAutomatic palletizing

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