Wooden door companies ignore assembly, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient
Due to the incomplete equipment equipment of some enterprises, when the wooden doors are assembled, there is often a production backlog due to unreasonable station layout and worker processing problems. This indirectly leads to many enterprises although the front-end process production is fast, but The overall production efficiency of wooden doors is still one reason why it can’t be improved.
1. Workers are struggling-FRAME ASSEMBLY MACHINE

The solid wood material is very heavy, especially the wooden door, the plate and the core material are very heavy, so it is very time-consuming and laborious whether it is transported or assembled.


Some workers have not been scientifically trained in the operation methods of wooden door assembly operations, and they are completely based on experience. This has led to problems such as overtime, extended delivery time, and low production efficiency.

3. The process is cumbersome

The assembly process of solid wood doors is actually not simple, but also very cumbersome. The cumbersome processes such as glue curing, requiring a large number of fixtures, and high demand on the site naturally lead to many problems.

4. Error-prone and poor quality

After a large number of manual tasks, it also needs proofreading time, proofreading base, and checking whether the assembly is complete. Problems are often prone to occur in this process.


Post time: Sep-29-2021

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