HF Wood Drying Kiln



Conventional drying refers to the indirect heating of air with atmospheric wet air as the drying medium and steam,(wood drying kiln) hot water, furnace gas or hot oil as the heat source. The temperature of the drying medium is below 100 ℃.(wood vacuum dryer tank)If the temperature of the drying medium is above 100 ℃, it is called high temperature drying.

The drying medium of dehumidification and drying is also wet air, (wood dry vacuum tank)but its dehumidification method is different from that of steam drying drying chamber. During steam drying, the indoor air adopts open circulation, that is, a part of hot air with high humidity is regularly discharged from the exhaust duct of the drying chamber, and an equal amount of cold air is inhaled through the absorption duct. The cold air is heated by the heater into hot air, (high frequency wood dryer)and then enters the stack to dry wood. The heat loss of air inlet and exhaust is large. During dehumidification and drying, the wet air is closed circulated between the dehumidifier and the drying chamber, and the drying chamber is dewatered by refrigeration and dehydration. (raido frequency wood dry conditioner)The energy-saving rate of dehumidification and drying is 40% ~ 70%, which is more energy-saving and environment-friendly than steam energy-saving. picture

Post time: Jan-05-2022

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