Forum accidens Electric Shijiazhuang Development Co., Inc. condita in MCMXCIII, quod est a technology privata coeptis Administrationis foederalis Hi Shijiazhuang Hebei-tech Industrial ipsum Zonam in. In MCMXCV, est rated Electric se accidens, sicut "summus tech coeptis 'Commission of Science and Technology in Hebei provinciae, qui iam re-probatus est in 2008. In MMII, in in comitatu Transierunt ISO9000 Quality System certification; In MMV, in comitatu was elected as a unit director de National Association of Machinery arboribus Sinis. 33.000 in MMIX we built M2 in officina nomine Hebei Huas accidens High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd, capitis de X decies RMB.

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