JYC HF Slant Door Frame Assembly Machine

Short Description:

HF slant frame assembly machine is used to assemble solid wood frames like door, window, cabinet door, etc. HF slat frame assembly machine includes rf generator, main press, hydraulic system and control system.HF Wood Door frame Assembly Machine


  1. HF dielectric heating, only heat glue lines, faster and power saving;Cabinet frame
  2. 1-3 minutes can finish one cycle;
  3. LED fault self-checking and alarm system;
  4. Assemble frames in 3 ways pressing;
  5. Slant working table for easy operation, loading & unloading;wood bending machine
  6. Multiple protections, unique alarm design to guarantee operation safety.


  1. Straight angle solid wood frame joining;
  2. slat lamination;
  3. Door pocket lamination;
  4. Solid wood door assembly;
  5. Board joining.


Product Detail

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Power Supply 380V, 50Hz or custom 380V, 50Hz or custom 380V, 50Hz or custom
Max Working Size 2460x960mm 2460x1220mm 3050x1220mm
Control PLC, HMI screen PLC, HMI screen PLC, HMI screen
HF Power 20kw 20kw 20kw
Heating Time 1 to 3 minutes 1 to 3 minutes 1 to 3 minutes
Frequency 6.78MHz 6.78MHz 6.78MHz
Cooling Type Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Front Pressure 6T 6T 6T
Upper & Lower Pressure 25T 25T 25T
Left & Right Pressure 4T 4T 4T
Weight 5 tons 5.5 tons 6 tons



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